Introducing the MVG ( Music, Videos and Games) stacking media storage system from Michael Viva. Handcrafted, featuring its compact modern style, can resonate in any envirement or decor. Our stackable accu-stack system allows multiple types of storage to increase horizontally without having to make more floor space. Our MVG system is durable and can sustain in any envirement. Whether your a collector or casual hobbiest, your media products are secure to store. No more cardboard cartons or flimsy hacks. Make your collection stand out and become a fabric of you by showcasing it.

* Furniture Quality Materials
* Small, Compact to fit any decor
* 30.250 w x 6.375 d x 30.250 h including base
* Packaged in 3 pieces to make a complete unit
* Additional Stacking shelves available seperately
* Accu Stack feature allowing multiple shelves to stack
* Stores all types of CD’s, Video games, Blue Ray, VHS and more
* Available in 3 color choices, Slate, Snake and Pistachio